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Instead of boring paper menu and short food descriptions offer to customers heavily illustrated menu with detailed descriptions of food and drinks.

Today, all your customers have smartphones or other devices they can use to access your wMenu!

No installation, no registration - wMenu is available on your guests’ phones, tablets or PC immediately.

No more surprises or unsatisfied customers when food or drink arrives.
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Slide backgroundSelf-Editing Menu System

You don't need to have any technical or design experience, or external service, to create or edit your Digital wMenu.

Use your phone to take a picture, add description, price, availability or customize a menu item.

wMenu automatically syncs your menu's data in real-time, every time you edit your menu.
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Slide backgroundGuest Self-Ordering

With wMenu Self-ordering your customers can place orders directly from their smartphones, simply by selecting food or drinks from your menu and customize their orders anyway they want.

Reduce labor costs, speed up your services, increase your revenue and get more satisfied customers!

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Digital wMenu is more beneficial than paper menus as it provides the opportunity for customers to find out far more about the food and drinks, to see pictures, descriptions and options!

wMenu is heavily illustrated, categorized and customizable and that makes it easy for your guests to find or build a meal they want to order.

Guests have many options to specify their food and drinks preferences before they place orders.

wMenu is not only digital menu, it’s powerful tool that restaurants or clubs can use to promote their special events or music programs.


Why only having a paper menu when you can benefit from cutting-edge interactive menu an ordering system at low cost?

wMenu is a right solution for any restaurant, cafe, club, hotel and multi-location chains.

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Edit your menu with a mobile phone, PC or tablet


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wMenu offers professional digital menu services. Forget web developers or learning software, everything you need is a mobile phone and Internet connection. wMenu is created for busy owners and non-technical people to allow them to create and update their digital menu on the go, from any device.

When you login into wMenu you enter your business account from where you can change menu on the way your want. No limitation. Any change you make is immediately visible on your customers’ phones.


Enjoy professional results with quick and easy menu editing directly from your phone.
With wMenu Powerful Editor you can easily create, change or update your beautiful menu in real-time.

wMenu Editor provides all tools to help you to add, remove, edit any menu item, image, description, price or availability directly from your phone.

wMenu users have self-service system tools that allows them to run its digital menu without contacting us or any extranal service provider.


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BOOST YOUR SALE - Guests orders are just a touch away!

Speed orders, cut Order-Delivery waiting time and increase customers spending.

Offer to your customers extraordinary dining experience!

wMenu is not just Digital Menu it is complete Self-Ordering system directly connected to your bar and kitchen!

When you use wMenu Self-Ordering system your customers can make orders directly from their smartphones! Orders can be made at the touch of a button without calling a waiter! Every order is displayed and printed in your bar or kitchen.

Exceed Customer satisfaction - With wMenu guests have much more information on food and drinks you offer, they can customize their meal on the way they want. No more surprises or unsatisfied customers when food or drink arrives.

For example; when selecting a main dish customer can choose a side dish or individual salad ingredients, portion size etc. Salads, sandwiches or pizzas can be edited by adding and removing ingredients.

Guest Self-Ordering System is not only an exclusive and trendy technology, it is primarily and efficient way to increase sale, average customers spending and maximize your profit.

Sell more - As in wMenu guests do not need to wait for a waiter to come and take an order they usually order more and spend more. This means and increase of up to 30% per month in restaurant sales turnover!
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wMenu makes more profit

  • • Self-Ordering system is directly connected to the bar or kitchen
  • • Speed up your service
  • • Cut order-delivery waiting time
  • • Increase your sale
  • • Increase customer loyalty